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  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)
  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)
  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)
  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)
  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)
  • Westin W6 Spin  (2-piece)


We know that medium/fast blanks have become a classic for many Scandinavian seatrout anglers, so instead of creating something new, we decided to try and perfect that. The W6 Spin is a casting cannon with a super sensitive feel that means you can still tell exactly what is going on even when fishing far out, and the power of its blank means you can tame hard-fighting fish with ease. This rod is especially designed for seatrout fishing on the coast – you can throw your lures in the harshest wind and rain, this baby can handle it – can you?

* Handle: Super grade cork handle
* Reel Seat: Fuji® TVS, rubber coated
* Guides: Fuji® SiC
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon for superior action, casting and strength
* Unique Axe/Samurai sword shape on rear handle
* Low-profile guide wrappings
* PacBay® hook keeper

Westin W6 Spin (2-piece)

Westin W6 Spin (2-piece)

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