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Backwoods Custom Rod Guide

Here at Rugged Tackle and Backwoods, every aspect of your rod should be of the highest quality and the newest and best technology on the market to ensure you're catching as many fish as possible.



RX10 material is a high-performance blend of high modulus and high strain carbon fiber, paired with a lightweight proprietary scrim system exclusive to Rainshadow. The resin content was carefully adjusted for optimal weight reduction without compromising strength. Additionally, the blanks feature proprietary angled pattern layups for added durability. The result of this advanced technology is a series of top-of-the-line rod blanks that are both sensitive and lightweight, making them the finest Rainshadow has ever produced. The Rainshadow Pro Staff team rigorously tested these blanks on the water for over a year with no reported failures, which is an impressive accomplishment for a blank series focused on high-performance, sensitivity, and weight reduction.


A superior performing material made of ultra-high modulus Toray fibers, combined with a super lightweight scrim and an optimized resin content, results in outstanding rod blanks that are incredibly lightweight, extremely strong and offer exceptional sensitivity.


Satin Blank Finish

Diamond Poly Helix Finish

 White Gloss, Pink Gloss, Satin Black, Cobalt Blue

RX7 is a graphite material that offers the best of both worlds, it's made of intermediate modulus carbon fibers from Toray, and it's a no-compromise option. It's a popular and versatile choice among anglers as it provides a perfect balance of performance, power and value that will satisfy even the most experienced angler.


Metallic Red Gloss

 A proprietary fiberglass material featuring a lower ply thickness. This allows it to be pressure rolled for better compaction of the layers, increasing strength. S-Glass is inherently stronger and stiffer then the typical E-glass found in most saltwater live bait blanks.


The flex or action of a Rainshadow rod blank can vary from slow to extra fast, each tailored for a specific type of fishing. Knowing how a blank flexes is crucial when building your ideal rod. A blank that only bends at the tip is considered extra fast, while a more curved, parabolic bend is slow. Progressive action blanks, commonly used in trolling, fall in the middle as a moderate action. To ensure the perfect match for your fishing technique, it is important to refer to the accompanying table for guidance.


When building your next fishing rod, the power of the rod is an essential aspect to consider. There are ten options available to choose from, varying from ultra-light to xxx-heavy. For instance, when fishing for bass with a drop shot technique, a rod blank with a line rating range of 6-14lbs would be an appropriate match as it is considered medium power. On the other hand, when fishing with a frog or in heavy cover, a blank with a line rating range of 12-25lbs, classified as heavy power, would be a better choice. It's crucial to match the power of the blank to your specific needs.

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