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Our Story

Welcome to Rugged Tackle! A new and exciting company out of the Ottawa Valley! From humble beginnings to a new dynamic way of fishing and knowledge. A place where every angler is welcome, no matter the experience! 

My name is Cole Peck. I grew up in Ottawa and the Outaouais regions of Canada. Growing up, I was fortunate to be able to play hockey at a high level, while still enjoying the summers up at my grandparents, fishing. From Fall to  Springtime was dedicated to hockey, but when it hit the summer months, my grandfather and I, hit the waters.  It might have been in a creek, a lake, a river, by canoe, boat, or on the shore.  It didn't matter, as long as we were together fishing. He was the one to introduce me to fishing at the age of 4, and though I think I can outfish him... he always has some magic up his sleeve to show me how it's done.

Through these early beginnings, we found a love for pike. Their ferocious tendencies but also the diligence it took to catch some of the bigger fish. We would spend night and day learning through books and online, about moon phases, pressure drops, temperature patterns, percentage triangles, etc. We tried to find the best products and patterns, to catch not only more but bigger fish.

Throughout the years, and still, to this day, I can recall my grandfather telling me stories of all the big fish he used to catch, while out fishing with his father. It always had me at the end of my seat, waiting to hear what happened. This is when I knew, that after hockey was all done, I would pursue making sure my kids would be able to catch big ones like my great-grandfather and grandfather alike.

I found much inspiration in my younger years, watching YouTube fishing videos from over in Europe and Northern Canada. Yet, when trying to find baits in North America that the Europeans had, this just wasn't a thing. I could learn the tactics but not have the bait selection. Therefore, I knew something had to be done, but I was just starting my professional hockey career.

It was no easy feat, but I was blessed to be able to play hockey over in Sweden, one of the best pike-fishing countries in the world. On top of this, I was able to meet and go fishing many times with expert fisherman, Jimmy Ericksson. On multiple occasions, he took me out and taught me many tips and tricks, but also, to his plethora of knowledge on European baits. 

While in Sweden, I was able to get in contact with some European fishing companies and made some good connections. There has been very little to no selection of European baits being offered here in Canada, therefore, I created Rugged Tackle for every angler. 

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