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  • Westin W3 StreetStick 2nd (2-Piece)
  • Westin W3 StreetStick 2nd (2-Piece)


Get ready for a fishing rod that could quickly become an essential ultra-light alternative to your heavier rods! The W3 Streetstick 2nd Generation rods covers a wide range of fishing types with light weight hard and soft lures. Whether your prize fish is perch, medium sized pike/zander, trout or spiny critters from the sea - this range keeps you covered. A soft tip, but with a medium-fast action blank, means you can fish and throw lures all day. Grab your shades, your cap and your W3 Streetstick 2nd Gen and you're good to go. We guarantee that you won’t be able to catch something on this rod range, without having a huge smile on your face!

* Reel Seat: SKS
* Guides: Seaguide® LS ring guides
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
* Split-handle with premium grade EVA and rubber cork insert
* Reinforced with 1K woven carbon

Westin W3 StreetStick 2nd (2-Piece)

Westin W3 StreetStick 2nd (2-Piece)


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