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  • Westin W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd (1+1sec) Westin
  • Westin W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd (1+1sec) Westin


If you are into vertical fishing for pike and zander, the W4 Vertical Jigging-T Quick Lock 2nd generation rods will quickly become your new best friend. The Torayca® High Performance Carbon fibers give a superior action, allowing you to feel every little take, no matter how far down your soft lure. The brilliant detachable split handle design makes transportation easier, and yet in use, you will swear that this is a one-piece rod.
The W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd Generation is made with a premium EVA Quick Lock handle, that allows you to increase the length of the rear handle when jigging for maximum control and comfort.
These rods pack all the power and sensitivity you need when targeting pike and zander vertically.

* Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS
* Guides: SeaGuide® LS-XQ Ring Guides
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
* Handle: UltraGrip – High Quality EVA
* Adjustable Quick Lock handle
* Custom made rubber non-slip bottom cap
* Reinforced with 1k woven carbon
* Custom designed hook keeper

Westin W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd (1+1sec)

Westin W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd (1+1sec)


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