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  • Westin W3 Leg Bag
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  • Westin W3 Leg Bag
  • Westin W3 Leg Bag on Model


The W3 Leg Bag is ideal for bank fishing and street fishing. Thanks to the strap attachment around the waist and leg the W3 Leg Bag gives more movement and reduces pressure on your shoulders compared to a regular backpack. The W3 Leg Bag swallows all you need - it features three pockets, one lure box, a velcro tool strap, and a clip to attach your accessories. The padded back means it is comfortable to carry all day long.

* 30 x 21 x 7 cm
* Material: 660D/210D Diamond Pattern Polyester with coating
* One lure box (20 x 14 x 4 cm)
* Three pockets
* Adjustable waist and leg strap
* One clip to attach accessories
* One velcro tool strap
* Padded back for comfortable carrying
* Oversized zipper


Westin W3 Leg Bag

Westin W3 Leg Bag

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