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  • Wolfcreek C&W Lure Coat Water Based Wolfcreek Lures
  • Wolfcreek C&W Lure Coat Water Based Wolfcreek Lures


Product information

C&W Lure Coat is a glossy, waterborne acrylate dispersion varnish that is excellent for bait building. Adhesion is good for wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic materials. Can be applied by brush, spray, or dip. Dries quickly and as it is waterborne, it is also gentle on the environment. C&W Lure Coat has very high UV resistance and high scratch and shock resistance.

Areas of use

Top coat on plastic and metal lures (for wooden lures we recommend C&W Lure Epoxy).
Thin sealer/primer for wooden lures.
The base for mixing own colors for airbrush, for example, glitter, pearl, and hi-lite powder.
Increased UV protection for, for example, fluorescent water-based acrylic paints.
Thin top coat over, for example, glitter to reduce the risk of fish eyes in the overlying epoxy.

C&W Lure Coat works great together with C&W Lure Epoxy.

Good to know
Stir or shake the varnish before use. If a thinner varnish is desired, a maximum of 10% water is added.
Applied with a brush, airbrush, spray gun, or dipping.
Wash dirty surfaces. Remove grease, oils, and dirt appropriately. Matt and shiny and hard surfaces and dry clean before application.
Can be painted over with most types of paint. However, check first. If thicker varnish is desired, several layers can be applied on top of each other.
Minimum application temperature on the surface and in the air is 10'C.
Relative humidity (RH) should not exceed 80% for best drying.

Wolfcreek C&W Lure Coat Water Based

Wolfcreek C&W Lure Coat Water Based

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