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  • CWC Stinger - Titanium - 30lb Nano single, 2 (2-Pack)
  • CWC Stinger - Titanium - 30lb Nano single, 2 (2-Pack)


Premium Quality CWC Stinger Titanium 30lb Nano Single

When it comes to fishing, certain gear stands out, enhancing the overall experience. CWC Stinger, our top-tier Titanium 30lb Nano Single, is precisely this. We offer a pack of 2, promising double the thrill.

The CWC Stinger is not just a terminal tackle but a fishing partner that ensures precision and stability. Crafted from solid titanium, it offers unmatched durability. But that's not all. With a astonishingly resistant 30lb Nano Single, it ensures the right balance between agility and strength.

This product is a direct descendant of our long history of producing high-quality fishing tools. And we take pride in that. Our CWC Stinger encapsulates our commitment to provide the best to modern anglers. It reflects our understanding of their passionate and adventurous spirit.

So why wait? Equip yourself with the CWC Stinger Titanium 30lb Nano Single and turn every fishing expedition into a memorable experience. Because with the right gear, every catch feels like a trophy.


The CWC Stinger Titanium, Nano Single is made from 30lbs 7-strand titanium wire and a #2 laser ground treble hook. Details in Stainless Steel, spring ring in end piece allows a smooth change to CWC Shallow Screw Small alternatively BFT Flexhead Pike Small. Developed to be used together with Pig Shad Nano 15cm.


CWC Stinger - Titanium - 30lb Nano single, 2 (2-Pack)

CWC Stinger - Titanium - 30lb Nano single, 2 (2-Pack)

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