• Strike Wire Extreme
  • Strike Wire Extreme


A robust and potent superline designed for a variety of fishing scenarios, from big game fishing to vertical jigging. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, it ensures prolonged durability, resistance to abrasion, and toughness.

Strike Wire Extreme provides absolute control when the larger fish bite, offering the strength required to reel them into your boat.

Strength Options:

  • 0.08mm/4.5kg
  • 0.10mm/6kg
  • 0.13mm/9kg
  • 0.15mm/11kg
  • 0.19mm/14kg
  • 0.23mm/16kg
  • 0.28mm/20kg
  • 0.32mm/25kg
  • 0.36mm/30kg

Strike Wire Extreme

Strike Wire Extreme

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