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  • Westin W3 LiveCast-T 2nd (1+1sec) Westin
  • Westin W3 LiveCast-T 2nd (1+1sec) Westin


The W3 Livecast-T 2nd Generation are a series of powerful rods made specifically for precise casting at short to medium range, targeting fishing that have been detected on your echo sounder. They also double-up as great regular vertical fishing rods too.
Designed to optimize your fishing when targeting giant pelagic zander or pike in those close quarter combat battles! The W3 Livecast-T 2nd Generation is made with Torayca® carbon fibers which gives a premium feel. The rod comes with a detachable handle to make transportation easier, whilst it has the feel of a regular one-piece rod. The custom-made rear handle provides a perfect grip and gives extra support for your underarm for maximum comfort and control, even on the longest days out on the water.

* Reel Seat: SKTS
* Guides: Seaguide® LS Ring Guides
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
* Split-handle with premium grade EVA with rubber cork insert
* Reinforced with 1K woven carbon

Westin W3 LiveCast-T 2nd (1+1sec)

Westin W3 LiveCast-T 2nd (1+1sec)


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