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  • Westin W3 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)
  • Westin W3 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)


W3 Powerlure 2nd Generation rods are designed for the predator angler who wants to cast medium sized lures after species like pike and zander. Made from the very best Japanese Torayca® High Performance Carbon – they are extremely sensitive yet still have great power. With these rods you will detect any bite and set the hooks with ease.

* Reel Seat: VSS
* Guides: LTS Ring Guides
* Blank: Torayca® High performance Carbon blank Reinforced with 1K woven carbon
* Handle: Premium grade EVA handle with rubber cork insert

Westin W3 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)

Westin W3 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)

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