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  • Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)
  • Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)
  • Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)
  • Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)


The W3 2nd generation range of spin fishing rods packs in proprietary technologies to provide a new benchmark in performance
at an unbelievable value. The result is ultra-sensitive fishing rods that are also super strong with improved durability. Featuring Westin’s exclusive Torayca® High Performance Carbon and combined with super premium reel seats, guides and split handle with premium grade EVA, these rods gives you exemplary performance with spoons, spinners and coast wobblers.
This range of W3 spin rods breaks down into 4 pieces for easy no-hassle transport and storage, perfect when you are on the go between fishing spots.

* Reel seat: SKS (screw down)
* Guides: Seaguide ® LTS
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting
* Handle: Split handle with premium grade EVA
* Reinforced with 1K carbon

Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)

Westin W3 Spin 2nd (4-Piece)

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