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  • Westin W4 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece) Westin
  • Westin W4 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece) Westin


The W4 Powerlure 2nd Generation rods are made with high quality Japanese Torayca® carbon fibers which results in a fast-progressive blank that packs plenty of power for the meanest predators out there, whilst having plenty of feel and sensitivity. With these rods it’s a breeze casting big lures and shads all day. Just the action alone makes it a must-have rod, but check out the quality of the fittings and you won't be able to resist owning one.

* Reel Seat: Fuji® VSS
* Guides: LTS Ring Guides
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
* Handle: UltraGrip – high quality EVA
* Custom made rubber non-slip bottom cap
* Reinforced with 1k woven carbon
* D-Ring Hook Keeper

Westin W4 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)

Westin W4 Powerlure 2nd (2-Piece)


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