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  • Westin W6 Vertical Jigging-T  (1+1sec)
  • Westin W6 Vertical Jigging-T  (1+1sec)


Raw strength, light weight, and extreme sensitivity, packed into a fast blank are key ingredients when targeting species like zander and pike vertically. These are the exact ingredients of the W6 Vertical Jigging-T. The reason behind this is simple – the best available Torayca® high performance carbon you can find, combined with premium fittings. The sensitivity in this rod makes you almost feel the fish before it strikes, whilst the fast blank ensures a perfect hook set. The custom designed ergonomic rear handle on these rods supports your forearm perfectly when jigging and fighting fish all day long. Made with a detachable handle for easy transportation, and that ‘one-piece blank’ style action.

* Split-handle with super grade EVA – compact and non-slippery
* Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS - rubber coated
* Guides: Fuji® SiC
* Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon Fibers for superior action and casting
* Flat ergonomic rear handle for extra support
* Low-profile guide wrappings
* PacBay® hook keeper

Westin W6 Vertical Jigging-T (1+1sec)

Westin W6 Vertical Jigging-T (1+1sec)

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